Giriraj Singh demands ban on halal certified products in Bihar

Patna, Nov 23 (IANS) Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Thursday demanded a ban on halal certified products in Bihar and also wrote a letter to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar calling for an immediate action.

The Union Minister claimed that if the practice does not stop, then Bihar will turn into an "Islamic state".

“Islamisation of the Indian market is taking place here in the name of Halal certification. It is like Sanatan where mantras are used for any purpose, Halal is the same phenomenon that comes under Quran and Sharia laws and the Congress party is protecting it.

"All gangs (all political parties) of INDIA alliance are trying to finish Sanatan Dharma to achieve their vote bank politics. If we go to any market, we find Halal certified products. It is a kind of jaziya tax. It is an Islamization of the market and Bihar," Singh said.

He further alleged that "they trying to implement Sharia law in Bihar and the Chief Minister should take immediate action on it".

"Such a practice would divide the society. Nitish Kumar should stop it."

The Union Minister also noted that halal certificated products are used in the manufacturing of medicines, edible oils, and many other things.

He further said that the market size of such products in India is $2 trillion.


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