Burglars loot Rs 20 lakh in Bihar

Patna, Feb 5 (IANS) Burglars looted jewellery and around Rs 20 lakh from a house in Ramdayalu Nagar locality of Muzaffarpur city in Bihar on Monday, officials said.

The victim's family is of Rajiv Krishna, a doctor of Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH) Muzaffarpur.

Dr Manisha Bhave -- wife of Dr Rajiv -- said that she was at home along with her father in-law, mother in-law and children.

“Four masked men carrying firearms barged inside and took the family members at gunpoint demanding cash and jewelry. They robbed the house for around one and half hours and then fled after taking the jewellery and money worth at Rs 20 lakh,” she said.

She said that the robbers were speaking local language and had locked the entire family in one room, snatched the mobile.

Sadar police station Kundan Kumar said that the case is under investigation.

“We have taken the statements of the family members and alerted the district police and are trying to identify the accused,” he said.


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